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Below is a accumulation of backdrop awash in St. Tammany Parish from Dec. 15-18. Data is aggregate from accessible records.


MAISON BOIS KIT RENNES | kit maison bois

Maison ossature bois et revêtement - Astuces Bricolage  Maison  - kit maison bois


Transfers for Dec. 21-28


Maison Bois Kit Autoconstruction Design Apsip Com - politify.us - kit maison bois

Abita Springs Terrace subdivision, lots 4, 5, 25, aboveboard 4: $5,000, Brian R. Fernandez, Paul D. Fernandez and David M. Fernandez to Hallmark Homes Inc.

Anthony Ave. 204: donation, no amount stated, Randy Karl, Tammy Karl and others to Felix A. Chevolleau.

Dana Ave. 301: $212,500, Daniel M. Duet to Florence B. Paulk Sisk.

Great Southern Acres subdivision, lot 6-A: donation, no amount stated, Kenneth J. Rocky and Anita Foto Rocky to Isaac J. Rodriguez and Laura R. Rodriguez.

Gulch St. 70441: $300,000, Rhett A. Audibert, Elizabeth D. Audibert and Kaylee Audibert Costanza to Bernard A. Buras and Patrice B. Buras.

Litolff subdivision, lot 3: $65,000, Jennifer Lynn Carroll to William E. Tierney and Paula B. Tierney.

La. 435 23444: donation, no amount stated, Schillesci Construction LLC to Jordan P. Schillesci and Brandy G. Schillesci.

Mire Drive 21386: $236,000, Gaspar Arredondo Jr. to Robert Daniel Frame Jr.

Money Hill Plantation subdivision, Phase 7-B-1. lot 420: $150,000, Money Hill Plantation LLC to James G. Clayton and Kelly B. Clayton.

Plantation subdivision, allocation of ground: $276,000, Robert J. Rathe Jr. to Claude F. Lagalante and Melonie W. Lagalante.

South Abita Springs subdivision, lot 19-A, aboveboard 43: $132,500, Michael W. Phillips and Amy B. Phillips to Jeremy Clary.

St. Amand Street, allocation of ground: $200,000, Peter A. Barbee, Lucie Davis, Mary Barbee Sharko and others to Eric F. Hymel and Jamie M. Arnold Hymel.


Abita Ridge subdivision, Phase 1, lot 28: $30,000, Abita River Park LLC to Raising The Roof For Charity Foundation.

Amber Court 73752: $217,000, David G. Anderson and Telia Marie Goudeau Anderson to William E. Burris.

Bateleur Way 548: $247,000, Russell D. Reynolds and Courtney B. Reynolds to Amy B. Coakley.

Cottage Lane 736: $529,000, Real Real Estate Solutions LLC to Carter E. Chotin and Nicole B. Chotin.

Cottage Lane 736: $414,263, B. Richard Slade and Linda Thompson Slade to Real Real Estate Solutions LLC.

Courtney Drive 36: $279,000, Steven J. Waddell and April R. Waddell to Brett M. Dupuy.

Eleanor Lane 3009: $181,000, Ryan M. Delaune to Paul M. Woods and Cynthia R. Woods.

Eta Ave. 74309: $195,550, Justin P. Miler and Hillary E. Nunez to Gregory K. Ray and Lyndsay Ann Loupe Ray.

Flower Estates, lot 153: $10 and added admired consideration, Eugenie M. Palmisano to Corey L. Cazaux.

Green Hill Drive 9: donation, no amount stated, Peter A. Rombach Jr. and Julie M. Rombach to Rombach Family certain trust.

K St. 70505: donation, no amount stated, Christine F. Seibert to Timothy J. Kreller.

Knoll Pine Circle 233: $218,000, Erick A. Gomez and Jennifer C. Gomez to Nicholas R. Ziegler and Candice T. Ziegler.

Long Lake Drive 426: $415,000, Charles J. Solomon II and Shannon D. Solomon to Wayne J. Landry Jr. and Danielle K. Lesage.

La. 36 20177: donation, no amount stated, Deborah M. Mccall to Dawn K. Mendow.

La. 1077, allocation of ground: $325,000, Wiliam M. Hall, Eizabeth Aline Hall Herr, Ceri E. Adams Hall and others to Christopher R. Cazaux.

La. 437 78016: donation, no amount stated, Peter A. Rombach Jr. and Julie M. Rombach to Peter Rombach and Julie Rombach Family Trust.

Madris Lane 15541: $189,000, Justin E. Joiner and Laura E. Whatley to Aarron J. Ory and Stephanie G. Ory.

Military Heights subdivision, allocation of ground: donation, no amount stated, Robert J. Patrick and Debra Havens Patrick to Belle Haven 1982 LLC.

N. Briggs St. 1325: $75,000, Succession of James A. Schoultz to Shaw Investments LLC.

N. E. Fussell Cemetery Road 82455: $450,000, Colleen R. McKee to James I. Mathews and Marjorie K. Mathews.

Near Covington, allocation of ground: $148,500, Brad R. Ryan and Geralyn G. Ryan to Jason M. Hanagriff and Rebecca B. Hanagriff.

Pete Fitzmorris Road 16156: $75,000, Todd D. Miranne to Nola Direct Home Buyer LLC.

Pony Court 405: $272,000, Ryan J. Riviere and Heather R. Riviere to Derrick Honore.

Riverwood Court subdivision, lot 13, aboveboard A: donation, no amount stated, Jeffrey L. Hages and Cynthia L. Hages to Jeffrey L. Hages and/or Cynthia L. Hages capricious active trust.

Rue Chantilly 229: $654,078, Gaunt Contracting LLC to Brian M. Patureau and Ashley C. Paturea.

S. Harrison St. 906: $216,000, Patrick M. O’Leary and Andrea S. O’Leary to Christopher M. Abide Sr.

S. Taylor Road 21018: $30,000, Anthony V. Bryan Jr. and Paula B. St. Angelo to Jerry Otto Mendow and Cindy LeBlanc Mendow.

Seymour Meyers Blvd 13433, Assemblage 15: $160,000, Carl W. Darion and Orma Fry Darion to Lizson LLC.

Prix Construction Maison En Bois ⋆ Kit Maison Bois

Prix Construction Maison En Bois ⋆ Kit Maison Bois | kit maison bois

Shady Oaks Drive 48: $193,500, Christine T. McDonald to Shawn A. Warren Jr. and Adam J. Daix.

Sixth Ave. 69412: $238,000, Shane M. Wilkinson and Kristen G. Wilkinson to Nichole E. Boucree.

Stephanie Lane 229: $438,050, Brianne G. Duhe to Michael S. Ely and Susan B. Ely.

Sylvia Drive 75605: $198,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Christopher A. Kimberly and Angele M. Kimberly.

Versailles subdivision, Phase 4, lot 129: $282,900, Phyllis Mae Gros Bodin to Larry E. Traughber and Christi D. Traughber.

Village des Bois 71110: $215,000, Succession of Edward H. Hargroder to Ruben Alvarez and Cindy R. Quintanilla Alvarez.

Watercross Estates, Phase 1-B, lot 107: $452,500, Mason De Reve Builders LLC to Eddie Lee McGinnis and Timothy Lee Gates.

Wax Myrtle Lane 3: $875,000, Chapman Homes LLC to Alan F. Lockwood.


Chenel St. 107: $432,000, Wayne J. Landry Jr. to Paul A. Cedotal and Faith K. Cedotal.

Deaune Road 79355: $215,000, William H. Couret IV and Rebecca I. Bake Couret to Billy R. Chedvile Sr. and Sherry L. Chedville.

Near Folsom, allocation of ground: donation, no amount stated, Jo Anne Dedon Carlise to Daniel M. Carlise.

Near Folsom, allocation of ground: $66,100, Lyda Sue Wood Madison to Philip D. Westmoreland.

Near Folsom, allocation of ground: $15,000, donation, Robert W. Sharp Sr. and Kyron G. Sharp to Robert W. Sharp Jr.


Anchorage Drive 61023: $117,000, William M. Chabreck Jr. and Jean M. Dupuy Chabreck to Rickey T. Boudreaux and Elizabeth Bourdreaux.

Cypress Park subdivision, lots 23, 24, aboveboard 3: $10,500, Adair Holdings LLC to Donald Brown.

Hooper Drive 29436: donation, no amount stated, Louis J. Hoolahan Jr., Diane M. Cavalier, Michael J. Hoolahan Jr. and Amy M. Wing to Louis J. Hoolahan.

Lake Drive 28509: $210,000, Mike G. Portie and Donna Cramer-Portie Joint Active Assurance to Bayou Dreams LLC.

Powell Heights subdivision, lot 26, aboveboard G: $30,000, Charles P. Neeley Jr. and Colleen H. Neeley to David R. Lamonte and Whitney C. Lamonte.


Bedico Creek subdivision, lot 818: $82,500, Bedico Interests LLC to Nest Custom Homes LLC.

Bedico Trail Lane 8032: $364,900, BMI Construction LLC to Nicolle J. Dupepe IV.

Belle Pointe Loop 561: $435,000, Justin J. Sullivan and Kristy D. Sullivan to Kelley V. Guidry.

Blue Heron Lane 600: $405,000, Glenn R. Rooney and Charles R. Rooney to James Jones.

Chamby Court 70413: $235,000, Joshua LeBanc to Mitchell Beyer and Katie M. Beyer.

Cypress Tree Court 2020: $425,000, Yar Construction Co. Inc. to Mark A. Chauffe and Johnnette L. Chauffe.

Cypress Tree Court 2020: $75,000, Yanin LLC to Yar Construction Co. Inc.

E. La. 22 127, Assemblage W-18: $250,000, Scott E. Mendes to Jon A. Volk.

Fox Sparrow Loop 1232: $325,000, BMI Construction LLC to Ryan R. Collins and Stephanie C. Collins.

Golden Oak Lane 5015: $75,000, Yanin LLC to Yar Construction Co. Inc.

Grand Oaks subdivision, Phase 2-C, lot 76: $344,000, Grand Homes LLC to Marc A. Pizzo and Gina Yetta Pizzo.

Laurel Oaks Road 120: $315,000, Gennaro S. Itri and Lauren M. Taylor Itri to Elwood L. Jones Jr. and Samatra W. Jones.

Live Oak Hills subdivision, lots 4-A, 5-A, aboveboard 5 Page 2: $60,000, David P. Decareaux and Carmen D. Decareaux to Jenkins Homes Inc.

N. Brown Thrasher Loop 728: $265,000, Cody A. LeBoeuf and Ashley Liebert LeBoeuf to Scott A. McLeod, Rebecca P. McLeod and Sean P. McLeod.

Natchez Trace subdivision, Phase 2-B, lot 81: $150,000, Haaswood Homes Inc. to Brian J. Olivier and Nanette P. Olivier.

Near Madisonville, lot 6: donation, no amount stated, Allan J. Chabaud to Suzanne A. Chabaud.

Pelican Ridge Drive 540: $755,000, Jeremy J. Guidry and Kelley V. Guidry to Joseph T. Davisson and Sharon C. Davisson.

Sierra Ridge subdivision, lot 6: $65,000, Iverson Investments LLC to Shaw Builders LLC.

Spring Haven subdivision, Phase 1, lot 12: $388,000, Garrett J. Hinojosa and Estie B. Hinojosa to Bradey S. Leonhard and Katie M. Leonhard.

Willow Lane 3013: $305,000, Sheryl D. Hart to Roberto Barreiro.


Canary Pine Court 801: donation, no amount stated, Nita K. Bush to Benjamin D. Liberto.

Chestnut Oak Drive 297: $372,751, Richard E. Mayfield and Candace E. Mayfield to Melissa M. Calloway.


MAISON BOIS KIT REIMS | kit maison bois

Chevreuil St. 715: $210,000, Dawn Abbott Manix to Adam Moran and Svitlana Surmachevska Moran.

Claire Drive 783: $455,000, Kathleen K. Freeman to Keith M. Plaisance and Melissa Ragas.

Country Club Estates, lot 18, square: $362,500, Ben P. Russell and Jennifer M. Russell to Frank E. St. Philip II and Michelle M. St. Philip.

Debellvue Place 102: $365,000, Jonathan G. Beacom and Heather Harber Beacom to Erick A. Gomez and Jennifer C. Gomez.

Deval Estates, lots 58, 59: $80,000, David W. Carter to Tyler J. Perkins and Amanda C. Perkins.

Devon Drive 466: $328,000, Kirk M. Steen and Christel K. Roesch Steen to Arnold L. McLin Sr. and Janet P. McLin.

Emerald Pines Court 161: $150,000, Michael J. Phillpott and Jennifer Phillpott Bordelon to Garret D. Maier.

Emerson Lane 504: $355,000, Christopher R. Parsons and Kerry L. Parsons to Carlos E. Rivas Jr. and Heather E. Stein Rivas.

Foy St. 1316: $222,000, Jaime Nader to Michael McDougall and Alice B. McDougall.

Grande Maison subdivision, Phase 3-A, lot 201: $504,472, Bennett Custom Homes LLC to Benjamin M. Gordy and Mindi M. Gordy.

Highland Drive 210: $220,000, Lucas Kelly Jordan and Kelli Lynn Jordan to Royce Guillory and Donna Guillory.

Lafitte St. 228: $460,000, Karen Ann Roy to Jeffrey R. Lyons Jr. and Eugenie G. Abadie.

Lafitte St. 228: $295,000, Penton Backdrop LLC to Karen Ann Roy Dobard.

Lane St. 675: $256,000, Better Homes LLC to Jeremy Leach and Ellen Anderson Leach.

Longvue Drive 7011: $535,000, Stephen P. Oubre and Shea W. Oubre to Christopher R. Parsons and Kerry L. Parsons.

Louisiana Street 1088 1310: $77,000, Dufour-Maier Murray Partnership to Joshua A. Musselman and Cara A. Mussselman.

Magnoia St. 252: $400,000, Patricia R. Lacoste active assurance to Mandeville Kinder Haus LLC.

Maison Du Lac subdivision, Phase 2, lot 15: $105,000, WBB Realty LLC to Panno Construction LLC.

Near Mandeville, allocation of ground: $2,700,000, Brackley-Stumpf Backdrop LLC to 7G Investments LLC.

Ozone Park subdivision, lot 1-A, aboveboard 26: donation, no amount stated, Linca Catherine Protti Fontana to Joseph D. Fontana Jr.

Pineview Heights subdivision, lot 9, aboveboard 9: $30,000, Neil Wiseman and Kathleen Wiseman Active Assurance to J&S Rentals St. Tammany LLC.

Range Court 3206: $306,500, Timothy A. Olsen to Alan W. Olsen and Diane Olsen.

Ridgeway Drive 1349: $435,000, Jonathan W. Rossi and Susan Wallace Rossi to Matthew R. Kirwan and Amanda B. Kirwan.

S. Court Villa Drive 30: $237,000, Bevery Hollingworth Littlefield to DS Owen LLC.

Sanctuary subdivision, Phase 4-C, lot 451: $270,000, Scott Custom Homes Inc. to C J Squared Backdrop LLC.

Spring St. 23104: $231,900, Allan W. Selman to Jordan L. Small and Mirtza L. Martinez.

W. Brighton Court 104, Assemblage 266: $155,000, Moisant Enterprises LLC to Berthe K. Ramsey capricious active trust.

Wynntree Drive 7035: $292,000, John J. Melendrez and Brandi T. Melendrez to Sheila R. Roy Singleton.


La. 41 67713: $70,000, William A. Holifield Jr. and Wendy L. Holifield to John C. Bennett and Paula Kahl Bennett.

Sawmill Creek subdivision, Phase 3, lot 72: $58,000, Shane E. Jeanfreau and Samantha G. Jeanfreau to John J. Guate Jr. and Leslee Marchese Guate.

Village of Pearl River, lot 14: $16,100, St. Tammany Parish to Christopher Bond.


Holly Road 58397: $150,000, Ryan P. Sanford and Eva A. Sanford to Dylan Leger.

Maple Creek Drive 999: $223,000, Christopher Mulkey to Taj K. Magee and Yvonne L. Magee.

Mossy Oaks Drive 130: $372,500, Lisa Gazave Guttuso to Bernard Peter Zagorski.

Near Sixth Ward, allocation of ground: $6,000, St. Tammany Parish to C&W Brigade LLC.

Pebble Beach Drive 169: $255,000, Daniel R. Kapusta and Rubia Menegaz Kapusta to Andre L. Shelly.


Acadian Estates, Phse 2, lot 18: $55,000, Karl E. Jacobs to Ryan D. Taylor and Megan L. Taylor.

Avery Estates, lot 13, aboveboard 2: $75,000, donation, Patricia M. Indovina to Glenn M. Indovina.

Barbara Lane, lot 125, assemblage 4: $50,000, Peggy Gray Thibodeaux to Ronald J. Johnson Sr., Linda M. Johnson, Mary C. Woodson and Steven W. Woodson.

Broadmoor Drive 1561: $269,000, Morris J. St. Angelo and Patricia R. St. Angelo to Johnny Nelson and Annette.

Christian Lane 600: $307,000, Brad M. Goldman and Tracy K. Goldman to Keith M. Lusher Sr. and Kathy B. Lusher.

Maison Bois Kit Autoconstruction Design Apsip Com - politify.us

Maison Bois Kit Autoconstruction Design Apsip Com – politify.us | kit maison bois

Clearpoint Drive 5439: $193,500, Ryan D. Taylor and Megan R. Taylor to Sandra P. Johnston.

College St. 3217: $157,500, Jin Investments LLC to Lucshweitzer Hill.

Cross Gates Landings, Phase 5, lot 177: $80,000, EW & J Backdrop LLC and Arbira Holdings LLC to Ray Beck Inc.

E. Gause Blvd. 2044: $150,000, Meyer McMath LLC to Dale C. Busbee and Kelli T. Busbee.

E. Pinewood Drive 65: $249,900, Christopher G. Guthrie to Frederick Moore.

First St. 2254-56: $225,000, Community Care Backdrop LLC to Effie M. Chaisson.

Grafton Drive 115: $202,000, William R. Worrill and Cynthia S. Worrill to Ector R. Carranza Gutierrez Jr. and Mary J. Gutierrez.

Grand Isle Court 288: $219,000, Jeremy M. Bullard to Annabeth N. Briggs.

Harbor Drive 1490 110: $89,900, Rhonda L. Pena-Sowerwine to Keith J. Alphonso and Regina W. Alphonso.

Hardwood Drive 104: $191,200, Christopher E. Comeaux and Callie Rae Watson Comeaux to Nicholas Derouen and Rachel A. Derouen.

Honey Island Drive 4244: $321,900, D.R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to David R. Rotz and Lauren J. Jackson.

Intrepid Drive 111: $315,000, David M. Anderson and Roxanne R. Anderson to Truc T. Trinh and Dinh H. Trinh.

Kelly Drive 165: $189,900, Chad J. Boos and Brittany M. Turner Boos to Tyler J. Smith.

Kingspoint subdivision, Phase 8-G, lot 326: $210,000, Constance S. Barrowe to Derrek R. Antoine.

Lakeshore Estates, lot 111-A: $177,500, Michael M. Bradburn to Thanh T. Tran and Hung The Tran.

Lakeshore Estates, lot 5-A: $90,000, Brandner Active Assurance to Clouds Landscaping LLC.

Lakeshore Estates, Phase 1-A-2, lot 107-A: $175,000, Daniel L. Dysart and Diana B. Dysart to Trieu Ngo Ton and Yen Thi Cao.

Landings of Cross Gates, Phase 5, lot 172: $83,500, EW&J Backdrop LLC and Arbira Holdings LLC to Ryan D. Woods and Rachel Soublet Woods.

Mariners Cove subdivision, Phase 1-A, lot 80: $60,000, Lauren Blauvelt Blumstein to Shong Rene Riles Jr.

Meadowdale Drive 3693: $110,000, Edward L. Boesch III and Dawn C. Boesch to Nicolas G. Stewart and Nicol C. Walker.

Meredtih Drive 209: $10 and added acceptable and admired consideration, Secretary of Housing and Uban Development to Cherie Densmore Fallon.

Moonraker Drive 184: $200,000, Sylvia Amato to Kim Mareno Ledet.

Morgan subdivision, lots 45, 46, 47, aboveboard 44: $4,200, Michael R. Matherne to Keith B. Watson and Michelle Wise.

Nickel Loop 158: $160,000, Bank of Louisiana to Frank J. Moeller III.

Nicklaus Drive 289: donation, no amount stated, Dianne Rohde Heins Cangemi to Congemi Active Trust.

Ozone Woods subdivision, lot 1, aboveboard 25: $45,000, Lois Oramous Carolo to Timothy G. Zoerner.

Patriot Drive 1329: $230,000, Penny Pastor Milligan to Allen M. Flettrich and Altie Slater Flettrich.

Pelican Bay Drive 825: $239,900, D. R. Horton Inc. Gulf Coast Corp. to Shandon R. Davis and Monique C. Davis.

Pontchartrain Drive 4618: $250,000, M2EL Organization LLC to 4618 Pontchartrain LLC.

Portsmouth Drive 417: $129,000, Vern A. Boster and Linda Boster to Lamonta Stevens.

Rue Verand Drive 1150: $160,000, Gurjit Singh Sandhu to Willettte N. Smith.

Salmen subdivision, lot 15, aboveboard 5: $9,800, Dragonfly Enterprises Inc. to Sedy Maria Duarte Pamistan.

Slidell Country Club Estates, lot 175: donation, no amount stated, Mary Lucille O’Steen Doerner to 305 Country Club Boulevard LLC.

Spartan Loop 415: $260,000, David P. Maus and Trac W. Maus to Andra F. Smith.

Spring Drive 59388: $195,000, Silessi Construction LLC to Timoty Theisen Jr. and Dawn I.Theisen.

Stanley Road 34022: $230,000, Lisa K. Frazier to Casey Jean Matthew.

Steele Road 304: donation, no amount stated, Joseph E. Smith to Leanna Yeazel Smith.

Sunset Blvd. 2314: $642,241, Bank of Louisiana to Frank W. Harmon and Nancy W. Harmon.

Terrace Park subdivision, lots 1-4, aboveboard 13: $11,000, Dragonfly Enterprises Inc. to Sedy Maria Duarte Pamistan.

Whitty Drive 3057: $328,000, Nikolaos E. Stafford to David P. Maus and Tracy L. Maus.

Windrift St. 318: donation, no amount stated, Thi Mai Bui and Thanh X. Nguyen to Christoper T. Thanh Dat Bui and Christina Thi Uyen Tuong Bui.

Yester Oaks subdivision, lot 7: $87,000, Gary L. Lewis and Harmon O. Lewis Jr. Estate to Tran Acreage Management LLC.

Yorkshire Drive 118: donation, no amount stated, Steven R. Stringer and Sarra R. Stringer to Carra W. Rowland and Sheri Wilkes.


Maison Bois Moderne 8 Chambres Toit Plat - politify.us

Maison Bois Moderne 8 Chambres Toit Plat – politify.us | kit maison bois

Near Sun, allocation of ground: $500,000, Shallow Creek Enterprises LC to David H. D’Aquin and Brandi M. D’Aquin.

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MAISON BOIS TOULOUSE Maison bois en kit ou clé en main | kit maison bois

Maison ossature bois et revêtement - Astuces Bricolage  Maison

Maison ossature bois et revêtement – Astuces Bricolage Maison | kit maison bois

Photos of the Kit Maison Bois

MAISON BOIS TOULOUSE  Maison bois en kit ou clé en main - kit maison boisMaison Bois Moderne 8 Chambres Toit Plat - politify.us - kit maison boisMAISON BOIS KIT RENNES - kit maison boisMAISON BOIS KIT REIMS - kit maison boisMaison Bois Kit Autoconstruction Design Apsip Com - politify.us - kit maison boisKIT MAISON BOIS SCANDINAVE GREENLIFE modèle Louisa 8 avec  - kit maison boisMaison ossature bois et revêtement - Astuces Bricolage  Maison  - kit maison boisPrix Construction Maison En Bois ⋆ Kit Maison Bois - kit maison bois


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