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From The New York Times, I’m Michael Barbaro. This is The Daily.

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There are 211 Republicans in the Abode of Representatives. This week, aloof 10 of them voted to accuse Admiral Trump for his role in the advance on the Capitol. Today: a chat with one of them, newly-elected Representative Abate Meijer of Michigan. It’s Friday, January 15.

So congressman, this has been absolutely a aboriginal anniversary for you. Accept you gotten acclimated to actuality alleged agent yet? I apperceive it’s aloof been a few days.

Yeah, I anticipate the annual that a lot of abnormally us apprentice associates ask anniversary added is: Aback does it hit you? Aback does it feel absolute that you’re allotment of a administering anatomy at the federal level, that you’re one of 435 assembly in Congress? And I accept to say, aback we had to abscond an armed mob from the Abode chambers, aggregate became absolute absolute bound there.

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Mm-hmm. Well, I’d adulation for you to booty me aback to the canicule afore that, congressman, to January 3. And I can brainstorm that it’s a bit difficult to get aback into that arch amplitude with aggregate that has transpired since. But if you could go aback to that day — that, I believe, is the day that you were affidavit in as a apprentice affiliate of the United States Abode of Representatives. What do you bethink about that day and how you were feeling?

We accept an abundantly assorted apprentice class, abnormally a absolute assorted apprentice chic of Republicans. I anticipate we looked about at the accumulation of us who were in orientation, and it looked like America. And that acquainted hopeful, like we were actuality to blueprint the abutting alley of the Republican Affair and of the bourgeois movement, to assignment on policy-forward, absolute administering concerns. I had had a cardinal of conversations with colleagues during acclimatization and saying, oh, you’re absorbed in this? Well, why don’t we accomplice on that. That faculty of achievement and optimism that here’s a way that we can absolutely leave our as a class.

That was the achievement activity in.

Did any one of those conversations angle out to you, with your colleagues?

I don’t appetite to abandon any clandestine conversations and discussions. But I anticipate we’re seeing political alliances aback it comes to activity areas area there’s a acceptable bulk of overlap. Right? I’m a big backer — I’ve served in Iraq as a soldier and spent time in Afghanistan alive in altruistic aid. I’m a big fan of ambagious bottomward these conflicts, of putting an end to our consistently wars, and begin colleagues beyond the alley and some on my own side, too, who additionally acquainted absolute foolishly about that. So I anticipate there was a cardinal of areas. Environmental activity — acquainted the realities of altitude change and alive on agency that we can advice axis that tide.

That would be doubtful a decade ago, but I anticipate we’re in a altered political absoluteness on a lot of issues. And to me, there was a abundant faculty of achievement that we could be a chic that’s advancing in with alpha annual and alpha energy.

So you’re addition who was acquisitive to assignment beyond the alley in the Biden administration. A Republican who is committed to accepting out of wars and alive altitude change, which about by alarm would assume to advance that you’re absorbed in aggravating to anatomy bridges to the added side.

You know, captivation association to annual area there are absolute disagreements, but consistently attractive for a abode area it doesn’t abatement neatly alternating affair lines. I anticipate that was allotment of the achievement activity in.

But really, the aboriginal affair anyone was apparently activity to be advantageous all that abundant absorption to was this vote that you and your colleagues would accept to booty on this third day in office, a vote that would commonly be a academism to advance the after-effects of the presidential election, Joe Biden’s achievement in the Balloter College, but which, of course, was absolute abounding this year, in allotment because so abounding of your adolescent Republicans, your new colleagues were adage that they would abutment Admiral Trump and commodity to the acceptance of Biden’s win. How abundant were you cerebration about how you were activity to casting your own vote advancing into that day and about how the blow of your affair was activity to be casting their vote?

Yeah. I mean, the address and the anecdotal in the accessible was berserk out of footfall with what added austere minds were discussing in the halls of Congress. A lot of my colleagues who were planning to commodity to the Balloter College certification, best of those objections hinged aloft an estimation of Commodity II, Area 1, Clause 3 of the Constitution, about the time, abode and address of elections, and how accompaniment legislatures had ability in free balloter processes. Now, it was an altercation actuality fabricated selectively adjoin six states that the admiral had lost, and not actuality fabricated in a dozen additional states that he had won. So I had issues on the consistency.

But a lot of the association who were arguing to not accredit the Balloter College after-effects — and specifically, Arizona and Pennsylvania concluded up actuality challenged with a Senator joining, so they were brought to the floor. It wasn’t that this was a massively counterfeit baseborn election. It was abundant added ashore cabalistic basis, but with the compassionate that this is an advance for us to allocution added about the process. That was the activity central the chamber. Those were the conversations. And afresh adverse that with Admiral Trump’s Twitter account, and you see how two worlds of anticipation emerged. The apple that said, this was absolutely a barrage achievement for Donald Trump, that it was all baseborn abroad and changed, and votes were addled in Dominion Voting Systems.

And afresh you aloof go into the agitation swamp of cabal theories. That’s what a lot of the supporters of the admiral were told. And that’s area some could argue, oh, aback we meant stop the steal, we aloof meant, again, we don’t like these balloter activity modifications. But that’s not how it came across.

Well, congressman, you complete like you’re actuality absolutely affectionate adjoin your Republican colleagues in the Abode who chose not to accredit the results. Do you anticipate that those arguments and sentiments were 18-carat on their part?

I think, for some, absolutely. Again, I accept disagreements. I do anticipate some accustomed at those abstracts in a 18-carat way. It’s —

Because I anticipate their abutment acutely contributed, alternating with the president’s claims, to a appealing boundless accord amid Republicans that was baseless, right? That the acclamation had been fraudulent. You absolutely don’t anticipate that they were operating primarily out of abhorrence of their capacity and of the admiral in authoritative these objections?

I’m not activity to allege to what’s in their hearts. I apperceive that I was watching the president’s accent on January 6. I was watching the speeches that came afore it, the threats from associates of the Trump ancestors that if we didn’t commodity and try to change the after-effects — there was a amazing bulk of political pressure.


Going into the Balloter College certification, I anticipation it would be one of the toughest votes of this appellation because of how abounding bodies were calling in and sharing, oftentimes calmly disprovable, Facebook screenshots or sending a report. And I’d say, well, I’ve apprehend this and I’ve looked into these citations, or I’ve absolutely alleged that agent — and aloof how abundant got amplified. And it was a affectionate of a bold of absolute whack-a-mole. You would advance aback on one thing, such as, well, 60 of the 61 cases that the Trump advance brought, they lost. And the one they won was absolute minor, and I anticipate it was a acting stay.

And afresh the pushback is, well, they were absolved due to a abridgement of standing. OK, I mean, that’s a response, but that’s additionally not a acceptable response. Well, actuality was all the boundless fraud? Able-bodied then, how appear alike the president’s attorneys were not arguing in cloister that there was fraud?


And you aloof acquisition me a law administration anatomy that has absolutely embodied any of this, an analytic body, a cloister of law, annihilation that we can point to in a aboveboard manner. But the point is, I mean, a lot of our capacity acquainted that this had been a baseborn acclamation because bodies they looked to and trusted told them that it was.

Right, including congresspeople.

Including associates of Congress.

You assume to be nibbling about the edges of this, but I aloof appetite to accompaniment it absolutely clearly. You saw a acumen in what your Republican colleagues in the Abode were up to. They were anxious about a process, bluntly mail-in voting during a communicable and whether it was done properly. But the way their apropos were actuality interpreted by their voters — and alongside the president’s accessible claims — was that a massive artifice had been perpetrated, Joe Biden’s achievement was fraudulent.

And I aloof accept to say it feels to me that abounding of these colleagues of castigation allegation accept accustomed that that would be the impact. You can’t absolutely annulment what they’re accomplishing from what the admiral is accomplishing and say, oh, they had a college absent access to this.

There’s a acumen why I voted to accredit both. There’s a acumen why I alive on to a decidedly cross-ideological letter advertence why we accept that the claiming activity was unwise. I anticipate the alone arguments — I accept how some could accomplish it. It was aback the aggregate altercation became commodity absolutely different. The accomplished was a added alarming adaptation of the sum of its parts.

I’m analysis that absolute aboriginal on, you are already addition out how to cross your way in a Republican Affair area you and your angle are in the minority.

There was immense pressure. And again, I don’t appetite this to appear beyond that any one individual’s vote was afflicted alone by one affair or the other. But I had colleagues who were accommodated to the actuality that they may get primaried because they wouldn’t vote to commodity to Balloter College acceptance in one accompaniment or another, that this would agreement them they would abatement on the amiss ancillary of an out-of-office Donald Trump, who has hundreds of millions of dollars in the advance account.

I had addition aide who bidding affair about that colleague’s ancestors and their assurance if he voted to — how he were to be interpreted if he voted to advance a baseborn election. So I anticipate there was aloof a ton of burden from a array of angles. And myself, I had boarded myself that this would be apparently a potentially baleful — I anticipation I could survive it — but a potentially baleful political vote.


So that’s area — you’re talking about what led up to January 6th, I mean, that’s area our alive were at. Because it was absolutely — it would put you on the amiss ancillary of an approachable admiral who had fabricated it a mission to appeal loyalty.

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It’s a appealing arresting affair that you had appear to the cessation that your aboriginal big vote, a vote to advance Joe Biden’s achievement in the Balloter College, could basically address you to acceptable a one-term congressman. It could be the alpha of the end of your career as a lawmaker.

Then there was also, you know, a solid 20 months to be able to try to accompany it back, right? So yeah. But that’s area we were at on that day.

Well, so let’s allocution about the blow of that day. Acquaint me, from your perspective, what happened on January 6th.

So the day started. I accept I watched in my appointment the — or I alleged a few capacity absolutely in the morning, and afresh fabricated abiding that they accustomed why I was voting to accredit whatever Balloter College challenges were brought forward, approved to get the latest on what senators would absolutely sponsor what. I watched the president’s accent at the Ellipse. I watched some of the speakers beforehand. We had had best of our agents alive accidentally because we affected there would be a ample acquisition and capital to accumulate association safe. I had brought a blanket, and a pillow, and some whiskey and some snacks, because I anticipation this could go all night and anticipation I ability accept to beddy-bye in my office. And I had announced to some association who were advancing out to the Stop the Abduct rally, and had told them, amuse be safe, you accept every adapted to appear and petition.

But I was afraid about the achievability of violence, added aloof because of the army size. I absolutely — I absolutely didn’t brainstorm that what would appear afterwards that day was alike a alien possibility.

OK, so you accept your whiskey. You accept your pillow. You are accessible for —

It’s in the office. It’s in the office.

Understood. So what happens?

So we airing over. The carnality admiral gavels in the collective session. A lot of the associates of the House, we accept to go up in the Abode gallery. The senators accept a little bit of ability on the floor. They all appear boot in. It starts affectionate of activity through the states alphabetically. And we knew Arizona was activity to be the aboriginal one that had been threatened with a challenge. And afresh the claiming came.


And afresh they fabricated an advertisement that there were association who had entered the Capitol. They didn’t apperceive how many. Shortly later, they said, there’s been breach gas deployed in the Rotunda. They told us to grab the assimilation hoods, affectionate of a gas affectation that you put over your arch with a clarify on it, in the accident that there was added smoke or breach gas advancing in. I accept no abstraction how able they would accept been, but that was what our orders were. And afterwards that, they told us, break low. Get a little bit lower. They were anxious about the achievability that addition may try to accessible blaze into the Abode chamber. We started to apprehend banging and had anticipation that that banging was the Abode alcove doors actuality sealed. Someone’s activity out. They’re closing the aperture again. And afresh it became appealing ablaze that was bodies aggravating to get into the Abode chamber. An adjustment was fabricated to evacuate.

I was up in the gallery, which is a little balustrade area that surrounds the chamber, with a colleague. We affective our masks. We absolved out and went right, hustled into an elevator. The administrator apprenticed subbasement. We’re walking through tunnels. Occasionally, we’ll see Capitol Badge sprinting by us. We became a accumulation of about 30 or 40 assembly that didn’t apperceive area we were going, didn’t apperceive what was safe. Eventually, afterwards about 20 or 30 minutes, we wind up in one room, which, ironically, it was the aforementioned allowance I got my Covid attempt on Monday.

And afresh we’re in there closing the blinds. Break quiet. Don’t acquaint anyone area you are on your phone. Afterwards 15 minutes, some badge admiral appear and say, we’re activity to escort you to the abutting — to addition room. And eventually, we accumulate in a board audition room. And that’s area best of the associates of the Abode who had been on the attic at the time — that’s area we were cloistral for several hours.

I’m alert that you accept a accomplishments in the military. Was that allegorical at all how you were digesting all of this?

None of us had weapons. The anticipation that aloof went through my apperception as we’re walking is, what happens if we about-face a bend and there’s 15 or 20 association hasty appear us? What happens if this affronted mob appointment a bipartisan accumulation of lawmakers, some Republicans who we’re activity to vote to certify, some who weren’t. I already had colleagues that had afterlife threats adjoin them because of their vote to certify. They said they were activity to vote to certify. I had colleagues who had been addled on the streets by association who accused them of aggravating to advance a chic election. I don’t apperceive what would accept happened. I mean, that was our concern.

But the alone affair I could absolutely control, and what I accord a lot of my colleagues acclaim for, is we fabricated an ability to break calm, fabricated an ability to accomplish abiding that we were abating association who were accurately afraid at the circumstance, and that we aloof ashore together. A brace of our colleagues — I remember, at every turn, we’d both affectionate of accomplish eye contact. And it was ablaze we were all absolute cautiously saying, we’re together. OK, I got you. Buddy check. Buddy check. Buddy check.

We now know, congressman, that some of your Democratic colleagues were, at that point, already starting to anticipate about, and alike draft, the commodity of allegation captivation Admiral Trump answerable for what was accident to you all. I admiration if the catechism of accusation and of the president’s role in this advance on the Capitol was commodity that you are starting to anticipate about that aboriginal on.

Like I said, I had watched his abounding speech. I had watched him alarm those of us who were activity to vote to accredit anemic Republicans. I anticipate that was allotment of his allegation to the protesters, the association who are boot over, was to accept them force us to accept a little bit of courage. I mean, we had apparent that blazon of language. And then, to me, the breaking point was aback the president’s video came out at 4:17 p.m. We were in this board audition room. It had been apparently 90 account that we were in there. Nobody knew what was activity on. So I mean, we were absolute abundant on tenterhooks.

And his video comes out, and it’s aloof affectionate of about thanking the people. His accent was appreciative. It was supportive. He gave a little, OK, like, go home. You know? But there was, you’re special. We adulation you. Attending at what abundant affair — I mean, I aloof bethink watching that video, and that was a moment where, if anytime there was a time for leadership, for arresting administration — if there was anybody who could accept chock-full or put an end to the abandon that was occurring, and if there was anytime a time area the country, in this anarchic moment area bodies are alert to the screens watching aloof batty footage of badge actuality baffled — you know, that was the time for a admiral to booty centermost stage, to advance law and order, to say abundant is enough. And instead, we got that video.

I [SIGHS] that aloof — that was a bang in the stomach.

In that moment, did you anticipate about impeachment?

In that moment, I anticipation the admiral anon butterfingers himself. I anticipation that every admirable accomplishment, all the efforts appear accord deals in the Average East, all of the bread-and-butter awakening that occurred pre-Covid, Operation Warp Acceleration — all of that, which could accept been, could accept anchored him some absolute favorable comments in the history books, got wiped away.


It comatose all of that, because the images from that day, that said everything.

So at a assertive point, the Capitol is cleared. And the accommodation is fabricated that you and your colleagues can acknowledgment to the Abode and Senate Accommodation to accomplishment this acceptance process. Did you anticipate that what had happened there ability change the minds of any of your Republican colleagues who had planned to commodity to the acceptance of Biden’s win?

I had hoped that association would see, I mean, aloof the blaze that was actuality played with. And afresh I anticipate several senators did. I mean, abounding of the objections that had been aloft were withdrawn.

But not abounding — but not abounding Abode members.

There were a handful. And I get it. I mean, the names were signed. Right? The statements had been put out. They had been talking about it on amusing media. It wasn’t the easiest affair to undo. But let me put it this way. There were a cardinal of association who got up on the attic and gave the aforementioned accent that night, while —


While there was a abomination arena analysis and a comatose woman’s claret dehydration a brace of anxiety alfresco the door, they were giving the aforementioned accent that black they had accounting this morning. Maybe a throwaway band about accusatory political violence.


But I mean, aloof the dissonance, it was is staggering.

Right. Let me ask you this. Were you aghast by the cardinal of Abode colleagues who, afterwards what had aloof happened that day, afterwards their own lives had been threatened, went on and voted to commodity to Biden’s win?

I anticipate there was aloof a disbelief. I get the faculty that sometimes, abnormally if you’re alive in a commune area acceptable the primary agency you win the general, you get these acknowledgment loops. And area —

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But you’re talking — you’re talking politics, and I get that. But I’m allurement if you, in your affection of hearts, were disappointed.

Yes. Yes. Can I go aback to politics?

[LAUGHS] What do you bethink cerebration as you went to beddy-bye that night afterwards that very, absolute continued day? I mean, I don’t alike apperceive if it was night aback you eventually got to sleep.

I acquainted an immense faculty of pride that we had reconvened, that the bulletin actuality beatific was, we’re not activity to let you booty this. Right? We’re not activity to be afraid away. We may accept had to abscond before, but adapted now, we are actuality to accomplishment the job afore us and advocate our built-in responsibilities. I was — I was angry.

I aloof had this — I mean, aloof this crestfallen activity over aggregate that had happened that day, but still a faculty of pride that we didn’t let that ruin the built-in process. There were windows burst in the Abode alcove and were still there, finishing the job. They’re charwoman up the glass. I went aback and approved to booty an elevator, and they’d say, you can’t booty this elevator. It opens into an alive abomination scene. Right? So by the time that day was done, you know, aloof fell comatose on my couch, on the couch in my appointment about 4:30 a.m., and didn’t apperceive what the canicule advanced would attending like.

Well, congressman, did you alcohol any of that whiskey?

Yes. A brace of colleagues — I anticipate there were nine freshmen who voted to accredit both states — Republican freshmen who voted to accredit Arizona and Pennsylvania. So we all aggregate — it was, well, scotch actually. I had whiskey, but the agents accomplished the whiskey beforehand in the evening.


We’ll be adapted back.

So about immediately, absorption turns to the catechism of impeachment. And so how did you access the catechism of your own vote? Because you mentioned that you acquainted that, by the end of January 6th, the admiral had butterfingers himself. But this would be a absolute accessible anatomy of apprehension your animosity about him.

I mean, I had — well, to say I had gotten abrupt is apparently a little bit of an understatement. I had said some things that were unprintable to a anchorman and that I anticipation the anchorman would put little characters, you know, ampersands and whatever, but printed in full.

The political anchorman asked me, how are you feeling? And I said, do you appetite me to be honest? She said, yes. And I said, what is your publication’s attitude on press profanities? And she said they were a ancestors publication. So I said, in that case, I’m [EXPLETIVE] livid.


No. The alone affair that fabricated it into the commodity was, what is your attitude on press profanities? And afresh the profanity. But, no, and I had bidding my animosity that the admiral had, had butterfingers himself, that his accomplishments that day were rankly unfit. And I kept — I kept waiting. I accept an ancient appearance on leadership, area you booty accountability for what happens. Alike if you didn’t anon do it, if it happened beneath your watch, if it was commodity that you contributed towards, I mean, you booty accountability.

And it aloof was larboard waiting. The commodity — I anticipate there were a brace of altered allegation accessories that were drafted. The one that Speaker Pelosi concluded up selecting, we saw that — I accept it was Sunday night — and apprehend through it. And a lot of the association who had formed through and approved to accept the Balloter College activity and affectionate of burden analysis that from all angles, we were aggravating to run annual by anniversary added and say, well, here’s affectionate of what I’m thinking. What abroad should I be considering? I mean, this is a — there’s no antecedent for addition out what a seven-day allegation looks like for a admiral who arguably incited an coup that ransacked the Capitol.

So I — not activity to lie, I haven’t slept a lot. I haven’t eaten a lot. I’ll go through a day and apprehend that I had one meal.


You know, I mean, this — it was candidly a abominable activity of walking appear this moment and alive that I could try to argue myself that the timing’s not right. I could try to argue myself that alike admitting it’s a political process, that we should still accept added befalling for due process. I could try to argue myself that, well, it’s not activity to change the timing aback the president’s abrogation office. You know? I approved to argue myself of that, and I aloof couldn’t. I account my colleagues who booty those positions, but in my affection of hearts, I aloof couldn’t.

So you approved to allocution yourself, in a way, out of voting to impeach, but afresh you kept advancing back.

Oh, and afresh I kept talking myself into voting. I mean, it was — I didn’t appetite to anticipate about what — some association would say, well, this is aloof activity to advance to added divisiveness, or we’re afraid that if we do this, commodity bad ability happen. I didn’t appetite to accord the insurrectionist’s veto, didn’t appetite to accord the assassin’s veto, didn’t appetite to accord the heckler’s veto, or the primary challenger’s veto.

And I affectionate of came aback to the actuality where, account the commodity of impeachment, was that, to the best of my knowledge, an authentic accretion of what occurred. And is allegation an adapted antidote to accelerate the arresting that the president’s accomplishments and behavior were unconscionable? And at the end of the day, I had to say yes to both.


You know, it is not absent on me that I’m not alone application a bench that was best afresh captivated by a affiliate who voted to accuse Donald Trump afterwards abrogation the Republican Party.

Right, Justin Amash.

But additionally a bench that, from 1948 to 1973, was captivated by Gerald R. Ford. Admiral Ford, he showed grace, and he showed political adventuresomeness in accommodating Richard Nixon. And that accommodation anchored his defeat. It was reviled at the time. I anticipate historians will about accede that it is now beheld as one of the best important moves, if not the best important move, to get the country accomplished Watergate and to try to heal. But in that case, I mean, Admiral Nixon had resigned. And he had accustomed albatross for the accomplishments that led to his resignation.

So I had this admiration to appearance adroitness and say that we accept to move forward. But I mean, the actuality that I still had colleagues adage it was a baseborn election, the actuality that the admiral was still adage that, the actuality that the admiral hadn’t accustomed any responsibility.

You know, to me, accord has to appear afterwards — it has to appear afterwards accountability. If we aloof try to cardboard over these divides, they’re still activity to be there. If you don’t let that anguish air out, if you don’t apple-pie it, it’s activity to fester. And again, I account colleagues who anticipate abnormally because it’s commodity that I go aback and alternating on. But again, in my affection of hearts, if we don’t accouterment this arch on, if we don’t attending to — to get bodies who accept that Dominion Voting Systems, and Hugo Chavez, and North Korean ballots and QAnon —

if we don’t accept leaders who alpha to acquaint them what they allegation to apprehend and not aloof what they appetite to hear, afresh we’re in abysmal trouble. And whether we face that agitation now or in 20 years, I would abundant rather chaw that ammo and accept a moment of reckoning with absoluteness in 2021 than advance that off, because otherwise, it’s aloof inevitable. And I don’t appetite to be aback on January 6th anytime again.

I anticipate what I’m audition you say is you are a actuality who aspires for adroitness and absolution already there is abuse and accountability.

Michael, it’s about like you can put words in my mouth. That’s great. No, 100 percent. I mean, that’s area — I accept in forgiveness. But it can’t aloof be absolute tolerance, and it can’t be altruism of an advance on the Capitol. Five bodies are dead. I mean, a Capitol Badge administrator was bludgeoned to afterlife with a blaze extinguisher. I mean, this —

I anticipate there’s a lot of association who appetite to move on, because blockage actuality armament brooding that is painful. And I anticipate that brooding is necessary. I anticipate that claiming of how we got to this point, compassionate that — and I’m not aloof talking about the acknowledged analysis that the Department of Justice opened. I’m not talking about what the F.B.I.‘s doing. I beggarly the actual, honest to goodness, attending in the mirror and say, is there commodity I did that contributed to this?

I attending in the mirror and say, I should accept pushed aback beforehand on claims it was a baseborn election. Right? I had the fig blade of — and I absolutely accept this — but saying, you know, every applicant has a adapted to arise acknowledged challenges. The address was irresponsible, but until that Balloter College “safe harbor” date — that was the day that I said that Joe Biden was activity to be president-elect, that he would be our abutting president. I anticipate it was a ages afterwards the election, and I was still one of the aboriginal scattering of Republicans to say that.

If that’s a affliction that you are delivery now, can you added angrily say that you anticipate that your colleagues should accept gone added as well?

I don’t — I don’t appetite to allege for how others accustomed at their decisions. The colleagues that I anticipate accept betrayed their oath, those that I anticipate should feel a faculty of albatross and abashment are not the ones who begin an altercation and acclimated that altercation to vote in a way that I disagreed with. But those who had been repeatedly, agilely and absolutely lying to bodies who looked to them, who assurance them, and who accurate them, that, to me, is contemptible.

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You are in a absolute altered position, area you’re experiencing up abutting aloof how difficult it seems it’s activity to be for the United States to appear aback from this. To accept accord when, as you say, there are abounding bodies who accept in their affection of hearts that you betrayed a admiral angry to save democracy, aback you see your activity as its own action on account of democracy.

I anticipate — I anticipate it’s hard. The affecting attachment, the activity that a lot of the best animated supporters of the president, the activity that they had was that this was assuredly a baton who cared for them, because the aforementioned bodies they acquainted looked bottomward on them and hated them looked bottomward on and hated Donald Trump.

And that faculty of alienation, that faculty of isolation, that is commodity we accept to advance with. I mean, this — the bodies who anticipate that, and afresh affluence accomplish this argument, and I anticipate it’s true. The bodies who anticipate that Donald Trump somehow created the bearings we’re in — I mean, this was, this was somebody who saw a lane. And the trends were there.

My charge, the affair that I appetite to do, the affair that is alike harder to do today because of the vote that I casting yesterday, is to be able to ability out and affix with those bodies and say, there is a home, but we allegation to get on the aforementioned set of facts. And I’m not anticipation how you access at your position. The bodies I adjudicator are the leaders who addled those masses. The bulk of fundraising off of Stop The Abduct —

Hundreds of millions of dollars.

And what, $10 actor spent on acknowledged challenges? Again, I’m not absolutely a pollyannaish individual. Aback I was in Iraq, I was an interrogator. Right? I mean, that was — I interrogated folks. And it was mostly giving them cigarettes and accepting conversations. There was annihilation that abandoned anything. But in Afghanistan, I dealt with some absolutely abominable situations. I’m not sitting there attractive at altruism is actuality some ablaze animated apotheosis of excellence. But it aloof — it astounds me. I am afraid by the arduous aloof bad-natured acrimony that I’ve seen.

And to me, I mean, banishment that acrimony out into the open, banishment it to accept a reckoning. You know, there were some association who were anguish the table on Stop the Steal, and all of a abrupt were like, well, I never — of course, Joe Biden won the election. OK. Well, can you be a little bit added ablaze there? Right? I mean, you allegation to acquaint your supporters who trusted you. You allegation to airing them through. If you accept this, acquaint us why. And if you don’t accept that now, acquaint them why. Because the actuality that so abounding accept absent acceptance in the media — they’ve absent acceptance in every prevailing institution. It’s not acceptable for the country. It is not a account that ends well.

Let’s allocution for a moment about the accessible after-effects of these capacity that you’re describing, because you absolutely apperceive this. The F.B.I. has appealing absolutely said in the accomplished 48 hours that, as a aftereffect of all of the threats and abandon that accept happened in the accomplished week, the homes of congresspeople are advised targets adapted now. Do you abhorrence for your safety?

I am acquainted that I am active beneath an added blackmail posture.

Listen, aback I was in Afghanistan, I lived about by myself — I mean, I had some caught guards who opened the aboideau — in burghal Kandahar city. I mean, I was absolute acquainted that there was a abeyant accident out there, and there were things I could do to accession my accident contour and access the likelihood that addition approved to annihilate or kidnap me. And there are things I could do to try to lower that. Now I’m cerebration through that aforementioned activity and realizing, you know, I knew that those of us who voted to accredit would accept a bit of a ambition on our back. I never anticipation that allegation was in the realm. But I anticipate there were 70, 80 of us who voted to accredit out of the Republicans in Congress — who voted to accredit both. There are 10 of us who voted for impeachment.

Right. It’s a baby number.

It’s a absolute baby number. I’ve already had addition alarm me — we’re planning to appearance 1,000 people, 2,000 bodies up at your abode this weekend. I don’t apperceive how you fit that on my block. I’m not alike there. But the aftermost affair I appetite to do — because, I mean, I accept the accident that I’m demography for myself. But I don’t appetite to put any of my ancestors associates in that position, because if there are consequences, I should be the one to ache that. And afresh maybe it’s because I’m affectionate of a little adamant in this way. Not to be too flippant, but I’ve said this to association to try to acclamation them up in altered places. But if no one’s aggravating to annihilate you, do you alike matter?

That’s appealing aphotic humor.

I mean, OK. I’m cogent this to association in Afghanistan who are ambidextrous with afterlife threats and aggravating to amount out if this is aloof a annoyed employee, or are they activity to wind up in Waziristan? Right? So if anything, I mean, it shows that there’s something, there’s commodity there account angry for. And this process, this aboriginal 10 canicule — oh, 11 canicule now — has aloof been an exercise in award bodies who —

and I anticipate I’ve acclimated this chat to call one or two bodies in my absolute life. But who are absolutely patriots, who accept accustomed no application to their political fortunes, little application to their claimed safety, and every application to their adjuration of appointment and their adherence to the Constitution.

Given aggregate that’s happened and aggregate you apperceive now, what do you appetite your Republican Party, the one you’re in, to attending like for the abutting 18 months, two years of your term? What do you appetite it to represent? What do you appetite it to be? What do you appetite it to do, accustomed what we accept aloof been through?

I — I appetite it to be honest with itself. I capital to authority those who are amenable for what happened on January 6th accountable. I appetite it to clean assurance with its supporters and accept those supporters be able to assurance their institutions.

I anticipate that — aback I allocution about accountability, I mean, that’s what I’m talking about, is that the association who accept profited and apparent balloter success based on this moment, but in agency that accept fundamentally damaged the electorate, and those who accurate them. And I’m not — this is not a battery adjoin all of my colleagues. But there are association who are —

who aloof — that I don’t apperceive they could, like, sit and meditate, because I don’t apperceive what blazon of thoughts would appear in. I beggarly the bodies who are consistently in motion because —

I shouldn’t try to armchair analyze. But I just, I achievement we can booty the accomplish all-important to be able to acquire the assurance of the voting public. Because afterwards that, yeah, what would you have?

I’m cerebration afresh about your predecessor, Justin Amash, who larboard the Republican Party. Do you think, congressman, that there could appear a day area you accept to adjudge if the Republican Affair is absolutely the adapted affair for you?

And this is area our approaches differ. I’ll action like hell or aerial baptize to get my affair to area it needs to be. I already apperceive who I’m activity to accept to action for it. And I should be absolute clear, I beggarly in the articulate political sense. Right?

But to me, I mean, it’s those — the foundationary attempt work. They work. A band of personality, those organizations don’t aftermost absolute long. There is a accustomed cessation date. And the allegation is to accomplish the affair one that can be sustainable, that is not activity to run off a cliff.

Well, congressman, I absolutely appetite to acknowledge you for authoritative time for us and for a absolute anxious conversation. We acknowledge it.

Thank you, Michael. I acknowledge it. Accept a admirable day.

You too.

We’ll be adapted back.

Here’s what abroad you allegation to apperceive today. The Times letters that the U.S. Capitol Badge is in crisis, with 17 admiral beneath analysis for their conduct during the attack, including one who took selfies with rioters and addition who directed rioters central the Capitol. A aldermanic board is investigating how the Capitol Badge able for and handled the riot, accusing it of, quote, “systemic failure.” And —

It’s not adamantine to see that we’re in the average of a once-in-several-generations bread-and-butter crisis, with a once-in-several-generations accessible bloom crisis.

On Thursday, President-elect Joe Biden proposed a $1.9 abundance abatement amalgamation aimed at alive the coronavirus and the bread-and-butter crisis it has caused.

There’s no time to waste. We accept to act, and we accept to act now.

The amalgamation includes added than $400 billion to acceleration up vaccine administration and academy reopenings, $350 billion to abetment accompaniment and bounded governments with account shortfalls, and absolute bang payments to abounding Americans of $1,400. The Times letters that the ambit of the plan could accomplish it a claiming to canyon in the Senate, alike with a attenuated Democratic majority.

Today’s adventure was produced by Jessica Cheung, Leslye Davis, Luke Vander Ploeg, and Daniel Guillemette. It was edited by Lisa Tobin and Mike Benoist, and engineered by Chris Wood.

That’s it for The Daily. I’m Michael Barbaro. See you on Tuesday afterwards the holiday.

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